Beautiful One-of-a-Kind jewelry
created from the finest precious and
semi-precious gem stones, sterling
silver and hand-made lamp work beads
Hand-crafted artisan-designed
jewelry created for the
"Individual" in you.
Hi! I'm Kim Anderson.

Born and raised in Southern California, my husband
and I moved to Utah in 1975 and have been here ever

We owned a radiator shop in Salt Lake City for a
number of years and this is where I learned to solder
and silver smith.  My husband encouraged me to learn
lapidary and combine it with my silver smithing skills
to make custom jewelry.

My pieces are inspired by the colors in nature, Native
American culture, and by other designers.  There have
been many who have helped me along my way in
learning balance in design and color.  

I hope you enjoy looking at my jewelry pieces and hope
that one day soon, you will be the owner of one of my
One-of-a-Kind pieces.